Your Recovery Journey

Your Recovery Journey

Wellness Planning and Mental Health Literacy Course


Who is the program for?
Your Recovery Journey is intended to serve the needs of all people who have had experience with mental illness, or mental health problems regardless of their diagnosis or the stage they are at in their recovery. There are significant differences in the symtoms, course of illness and treatment of different mental illnesses – but the recovery journey cuts across all of these.

What is the program about?
Your Recovery Journey is based ontthe premise that there is hope, that people with mental illness can get well and stay well for long periods of time, doing the things they want to do with their lives.

What will I learn?
The overall goal of the program is to increase participants’ ability to meet their personal recovery goals by enhancing their self-determination and quality of life.

The Peer Support Model

The program is based on a peer-support model for a number of reasons:

Because peer support is an example of the kind of self-determination that occurs in recovery, and because peer support can transform lives.

Hearing from others who have experienced similar struggles, and who understand how we are feeling is an important factor in recovery.

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Course Content

Class 1: Introduction
Class 2: What is recovery?
Class 3: Quality of life
Class 4: Self-management
Class 5: Medication: a tool for recovery
Class 6: Moving forward: personal action planning – graduation

Sessions include PowerPoint presentations, video presentations, handouts, workbook activities, flip-charting and discussions.

Your Recovery Journey was developed by the Schizophrenia Society of Canada in partnership with Janssen Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do programs cost?
All BCSS programs are free!

Who runs the programs?
All programs have a minimum of 2 facilitators who are trained volunteers. Facilitators of peer programs have a mental health diagnosis themselves.

How do I sign up for a course?
Call our office at 250-868-3119 or fill out the adjacent form.

How are programs funded?
By grants and donations. If you would like to donate money to the Kelowna branch, please call the office or donate online.

Upcoming Dates:

Your Recovery Journey will run in the beginning of October 2020. Location & Format TBD.




Delivery Preference

Would you prefer to take this program online (via secure video conference), or in small, in person groups?