Partnership Program

Partnership Program

Public Education Program

The goal of the Partnership Program is to educate all individuals about mental health disorders.

Partnership presentations promote early intervention, increase understanding and reduce stigma about mental illness.

What is Partnership?
A panel of speakers including someone with a mental illness, a family member and a facilitator. The panel of members share their personal stories about mental illness. the facilitator provides general education about mental health disorders.

Who does Partnership talk to?
Anyone who wants to know more about mental illness.

We present to people in community groups, high schools, colleges, public services and any other group that wants to know more about mental health.

How long is a partnership presentation?
From 1 ½ to 2 hours. It can be shorter or longer as needed.

How much does a presentation cost?
They are free!

How do I sign up for a presentation?
Call, email or drop by our office.