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  • Mental Health Resource Masterlist

    Are you in need of support? Check out this list of great local resources.

  • Your Brain On Exercise: How Exercise Helps Your Mental Well-Being

    Certain species of shark can die, if they stop moving. Your dog gets moody without walks. So do you. Humans have been glued to screens and monitors for fifty years and, combined with the ongoing pandemic, it’s taking its toll.  Moving is something you’re biologically wired to do. To encourage you to get up, walk […]

  • Resources for Locals

    Start here.

  • Mental Health & COVID19

    Here are some great resources and toolkits for taking care of your mental health during this trying time. Research and tips from the Treatment Advocacy Center Here to Help Bounceback BC Interior Health & Mental Health Mental Health as a Continuum – Worksheet

  • Treatment Advocacy Center

    The Treatment Advocacy Center has plenty of great information and resources about mental illness and resources for treatment. Here are a few to get you started: Schizophrenia Fact Sheet Bipolar Disorder Fact Sheet Emergency preparedness for a loved one in crisis

  • Schizophrenia in Women

    In this podcast Rachel Store Withers, cohost Gabe Howard and Dr. Hayden Finch discuss differences in age, symptoms, treatments, lifestyle, parenthood in the genders as they experience schizophrenia. For further reading visit

  • The Difference Between a Disorder and a Feeling

    Most people have experienced anxiety at some point. Running late for an important meeting, getting ready before a date, speaking publicly for the first time—anxiety is within the scope of the human experience. In fact, it’s a perfectly normal reaction to stressful situations. This fact is both positive and negative for people who live with […]

  • Why I Rarely Tell People I Have Bipolar Disorder

    ““Why is it that every organ in your body can get sick and you get sympathy except the brain?”” — Ruby Wax It would be so much easier to disclose I have a blood disorder. Which I actually do. But unlike bipolar disorder, it’s not so much of a conversation stopper. Most people have never […]